Building a positive social change, with more conscious citizens and sustainable human development.

To awaken in people the consciousness of their citizens’ status, transmitting democratic ideals to exercise their citizenship not only as a right but as a responsibility that leads to sustainable human development.

Contribute building a positive social change, generating social transformations that lead to sustainable human development.

  • Believes in the need to promote consensus with and between citizens and various social sectors.
  • Practice tolerance, inclusion and diversity between different ideological and political approaches.
  • It encourages a more constructive and fluid dialog between the State and Citizenry.

Education & Training

Research & Development

Management & Social Projects Management

Human Rights

Civic Organization and Leadership

Constitutional Pedagogy and Polity

Transparency and Good Governance

Governability and Governance

Mechanisms of Citizen Participation

Participation, Education and Development

Youth Engagement

New Citizenships

Participation with a Gender Perspective

Police – Community Relationship

Peace and Reconciliation Culture

Communication for Development

Participation, Construction and Citizenship Exercise

Social and Human Development

Resilience and social innovation

Citizen Management

The working guidelines are oriented toward:

  • Identification of community needs

  • Planning and development of community projects

  • Conflict mediation and negotiation

Advisory & Consulting

From CÍVICA we provide a different perspective with:

Closeness.Easy, personalized and nimble working methods with different types of people and generate solution proposals to their needs.

Vision 360°.Experience in democracy, governance and human development, which provides a comprehensive contribution.

Knowledge. We are permanently updating to provide a solid support in the sustainable management of the social reality.

Our Approach

Social Value

Developmental Evaluation

When learning is the focus for program strengthening

Shared Measurement

When organizations join to determine the expected social results and relevant indicators


Collective Impact

When large social change requires a wide inter-sectorial coordination

The CIVICA team

Meet the Team

Our Work

Our Allies


CÍVICA is part of NGO’s for the Transparency, collective expression of some civil society organizations pursuing the consolidation of a transparency culture within the sector of the Colombian NGO’s, guided by the principle of self-regulation and aimed to raise awareness and generate confidence in what we are and what we do.


Since year 2015 we are members ofCIVICUS, an international alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world, focusing on three priority areas: The protection of the civil society rights, the strengthening of civil society and the influential increase of the civil society.


IRI – Instituto Republicano Internacional, organización no gubernamental sin fines de lucro, no partidista que promueve la democracia en el mundo, mediante el desarrollo de los partidos políticos, instituciones cívicas, elecciones abiertas, la gobernabilidad democrática y el imperio de la ley.


Contamos con la acreditación de la Unidad Administrativa Especial de Personas Solidarias para desarrollar programas de Educación Solidaria.

Our Location


An impulse to keep moving forward

Address: Carrera 7 No. 12B-58 Of. 814 Bogotá. Colombia

Phone: (+57)300 497 1412